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2010 Estate Cuvée Pinot Noir
The 2010 growing season began after a very cold December of 2009, when we had a prolonged period of temperatures in the mid-teens and about 6” of snow on the 29th.  January and February were a bit warmer and wetter, then we had a welcome and uncharacteristically calm and uneventful March, April, and May.  We had our first 80o day in mid-June, followed a few days later by powerful showers and a violent hailstorm, then after that it was back to beautiful 80o days for a week to end the month.  July was about heat – most of the first two weeks gave us temperatures in the mid to upper-90s, even a couple of 100s, and we had only a quarter of an inch of rain right at the beginning of the month.  August gave us no rainfall, but mostly moderate temperatures in the 80s, with the exception of four days near 100o mid-month.  September followed with mostly nice weather – cool nights and mornings, warm afternoons, and a few showers.  Overall, a pretty nice growing season.  We began harvest on October 8 with cool temperatures and a heavy overcast, then had to stop to wait out three days of heavy rain.  We finally got going again on the 13th and completed harvest on the 22nd after a week of beautiful weather, finishing just before the weather turned cold and wet again for the final week of the month.  Really, a very nice vintage, with sugars right in the 22.0o-22.5o brix range and good acidity, producing classic Oregon Pinot Noirs with great potential for long-term aging.
Perfumed notes of sandalwood incense, dried lavender, and chanterelle mushroom precede a bright palate of sour cherry, wet river rock, and ground ginger. The flavors are focused and reverberating through a lasting finish. Tannins are very present in the mouthfeel, but polished, which suggests the beginning of a very graceful aging trajectory with peak enjoyment up to 2028.
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